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Welcome to quotes-and-sayings.com – On this site, you will find a massive selection of the best quotes of all time, carefully selected, within a number of unique categories, categories according to needed theme, type or feeling. We have collected the most remarkable quotes and sayings on this site.

Generally about quotes

A quote is a repetition of something, which has been said or written, and they originate from a number of locations and places; An interview, a book, a statement, a speech etc. Some say, that quotes are one of the defining characteristics of the person who was quoted. A perfect and well known example for that, is Martin Luther Kings famous quote: “I have a dream”. The quote is from a speech, which is the personification of Martin Luther as a person. In many instances, quotes is connected or inspired by actions, and often used as a reaction of what has happened.

Quotes are short, precise sentences, that often contain significant wisdom and intelligence. They are used on all languages, but for our site, we have translated all foreign quotes to English. When we are translating from one language to another, we have made sure to keep the original meaning with the quote. Therefore, quotes in Spanish or Italian, can easily be translated to quotes in English – We keep the meaning intact.

When you need a quote, it is important to know the context of the origin of the quote. A quote can be used to support an argument, a statement or to put a number of themes into a larger context. Additionally, a good way to start a speech, an assignment or a book, is to start with a famous quote. This will give the beginning a strong intro, and open up for further interpretation by the reader. But please, make sure on why you select that specific quote and how it is relevant to your specific subject.

Specifically writer, philosophers and scientists are creators of famous quotes. A typical example of a normally well known quote is from the English write – William Shakespeare:

“To be or not to be – That is the question”
– William Shakespeare

Read more about William Shakespeare og the famous quote on: William Shakespeare on Wikipedia

Characteristics about quotes

Characteristics for a quote is not absolutely defined, while as a rule of thumb a quote follow these guidelines:

    • They are often said or written by famous people
    • They are often connected to a specific person, story, action or incident
    • They often have more than one meaning
    • They often give food for thought
    • They are often short enough to be remembered